Smartphone as Infotainment hub

By Jim Z.

I would like to see Ford move away from creating expensive standalone Infotainment systems, whether they be HD radio, Satellite radios, GPS navigation system, etc. in favor of developing an interface that would use a person's smartphone and their smartphone apps as the central unit.

Let people download their Pandora radio app, store their favorite music on the smartphone, use the Sirius radio app, use a GPS app or whatever they want--as well as the phone. The only thing Ford would have to provide is the interface. And since we can't develop an app for everyone, let the people developing them for smartphones do that part of it. Finally, the customer would only have to learn one set of apps to operate the smartphone and the infotainment system and the cost savings we could pass on to the customer.
If you have bluetooth you already have this.
Aaron K 09/14/2012
If you have these apps already on your smart phone, you have the option to use that instead of the utilities in your vehicle's infotainment system...if you don't or wouldn't use these options, simply do not purchase them on your vehicle.