Shaker 500

By Matt G.

When I first got my Mustang, I was excited that it came equipped with a "Shaker 500" sound system. After months of toying with it, I am surprised it does not come with an "equalizer" function. I just can't get the sound system to sound good with rock music or country. Pop music sounds ok. Is it possible to have software upgrades for the stereo system? or Just have an equalizer in the future. I remember the equalizer from my pioneer was awesome. I could make anything sound good.

The speakers themselves have also concerned me at times. At certain frequencies they will rattle and sound almost like they are blown (front on both sides). Not sure if it is the speaker or if they are making contact with plastic. Sometimes the rattle is so annoying I have to shut off the radio.

I think that a revamped sound system is necessary in future Mustangs. There should definitely be some controllable element other than bass vs treble. The standard screen and deck plastics should also be more resistant to scratches. I am very careful with my car and the plastics look abused. The rest of the interior seems to be built to last.
Randy Vasser 02/22/2014
Sure not the best car stereo I have had. Had people say those sure are big speakers, must have some good sound. Good maybe, but not superb. My wifes new Equinox is much better. Will probably take to a stereo shop to try & get the sound I expect.
Brian N 05/09/2013
I went through the same thing with the vibration from the door speakers when I got my Mustang. My Florida Sunpass (electronic toll transponder), which was sitting in the door transmitted the resonance from the speaker to the map pocket. The door speakers are probably not acoustic suspension speakers, which would isolate the speaker from all external items that could resonate when the speaker reproduces loud passages. If anybody remembers the Proscan (by RCA) televisions of the 90's, their premium line was the 50 series. The 50 series Proscans had four speakers, two mid range speakers up front and two larger acoustic suspension speakers on the side. The cabinet was made of plastic but never vibrated even during loud passages.
Brian N 05/09/2013
Matt G is right on the money with his comment about the Shaker 500. Over the years I have seen new advancements in audio such as sub woofers (available on Shaker 1000). I am always craving for more audio at the high end. This seems to be a challenge. I would also like to know how the power is rated. Does Ford use the same rating as audiophile manufacturers such as Pioneer and Mark Levinson? These manufacturers use the RMS (root mean square) method. It is also known as continuous power (as apposed to peak power). The system is excellent but I would like to be able to hear higher highs with minimum distortion.
Matt V 09/27/2012
i have a shaker 1000 in my 2013 and was really expecting more, especially a equalizer. The mach 1000 in my 02 was way better, even though i didn't have a trunk any more...
Larry Brown 02/07/2012
The radio display should be brighter in the convertible than the coupe.
Larry Brown 02/07/2012
The door speakers should be insulated to reduce vibration of the side mirror when the bass and treble are maxed out.
Larry Brown 02/07/2012
The Shaker 500 and 1000 sound systems should have upgraded speakers.
john bryfonski 08/15/2011
I agree!!