Screen at the windshield

By Iban S.

Dear Designers of Ford:
Today nobody brings paper and pen along with one. We rely on digital devices. And I miss to let people know the place where I am when I double park and I also miss to have the chance to leave a message for somebody who looks for me, in the car. (And to leave my mobile phone there would be too much risky.)
Kindle and Sony, among others, have digital devices that work with almost no energy (they would take almost no energy from the car´s battery) and can be put at the other side of the dashboard (even using the dashboard´s light), at the side of the windshield for everybody to see them.
It would be useful even for the police or in order to avoid a fine. May be your expensiest cars could begin to offer one.
Thank you very much,
Iban Silván