Retro Sells

As seen with the Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camero, & numerous motorcycles, people can't get enough of classic designs. I recommend that Ford study the possibility of bringing back the 1932 coupe and the 1932 Victoria sedan. Installed with Straight 6 engines( easy to work on for the owner), with manual or automatic and of course air conditioning. What would all this work accomplish? Finally a car on the road with style, more people into Ford dealerships to see them and while they are there they just might buy , more jobs at ford ( and around the country - who says they have to be built in Detriot). And when you drive up somewhere in your "New32" someone will ask you " what make is that"? You can say "Why it's a Ford , of course. you can see them at your Ford dealer". With the classic movement, the massive desireabilty, and the cult following, these 2 would out sell the Mustang. Keep it simple, keep it cheap,(under $16,000), keep it true to the original design as best as possible and the "New32" will be the car everyone wants to own.