Redesign the instrument panel

I'd really like a ford expedition limited . But it's the same ol' thing every year with a few minor changes. The antiquated instrument panel really bugs me. It's the same basic technology that was in the expeditions from the late 90's. little green digital odometer. Come guys You can do better. Your competitors have. Put some r and d money into the expedition and make some much needed updates then sit back and watch sales skyrocket.
new engine 02/25/2013
i had 4 expeditions and am a loyal ford guy. But the 6.2 engine in the suburban absolutely blows the expedition away - and I have now had 2 of them. How about a little updating and a more powerful engine, I would buy one immediately.
Every time I drive by a car at night, and I see the dull green, barely visible instrument panel, I think, "Another ugly and useless instrument panel in such a beautiful car. The guages are too small, too dimly illuminated, and that green color has got to go. Who said that dull green was the best choice? Red is even harder to see. Is it the choice based on some scientific principle or research? I doubt it.
Look at the instrument panels and rear illumination of the Japanese and Korean cars if you want to see modern, functional, easy to read in darkness, attractive instrument panels if you want to know in which direction to proceed. Backlighting is the best and big, clear data displays. Flourescent displays are out unless they are HUDs. LED displays were never a technical achievement. They sort of came without fanfare and left, so let them go and turn to backlighting with easy to read numbers, and make them iarge and clear enough for older eyes to be able to interpret without eye strain, because time spent searching and focusing on data is time spent with those same eyes off the road. Who knows, you might even prevent a few thousand accidents.