Rear underneath Look

Ford need to do better engineering and designing in the bottom rear side of the a car.....i been driving for last 15 years and i think car back looks ugly if its pipes(the one going to the muffler) visible.. like when i see Taurus from behind i can see underneath the car with those different pipes and stuff i mean if you see Garmen cars they have everything hidden underneath the car... so ford need to tuckin from the back so its look nice and good from underneath rear bottom.
Sohail Nadeem 10/25/2010
Here is the idea!!!! Lets put QTS Logo on all the new Vehicles ...Q for Quality, T for Technology, S for Safety and advertise as much as you can so whenever people see that Logo they know what that stand for... coz Right now that what people are looking for......(Put Q first T in the middle like umbrella and S connecting with first letter Q.... and please put some colors in these logos
LG 09/30/2010
Absolutely right! All of the rusty junk and exhaust parts hanging below the rear bumper look bad. Unless it is a chrome exhaust tip or something worth looking at, tuck it away! Even a tall truck should have a neat appearance below, with durable paint to hide all of that rusty stuff. Why style the body, then show the mess underneath?