Real Buttons for MyFord/Lincoln Touch

Technology is a wonderful thing, but only when it adds to the experience. The lack of real buttons to control the audio and climate controls (including seat heat/cool) is a tremendous step backwards in usability for the MyFord/Lincoln Touch systems. The lack of tactile response forces the driver to either engage in a lengthy conversation with the car, or take his/her eyes off the road to pick out the proper touch sensitive portion of the dash. One can no longer feel his/her way to the proper button. For safety's sake and ease of use, please bring back real buttons and switches for audio and climate functions. Let us make the choice to use MyFord/Lincoln touch, don't force it on us. Thank you.
Christina M 08/31/2012
I think that Ford is ignoring the fact that a segment of the market hates dealing with more computer and digital panels being forced on us and we prefer simple knobs and buttons that don't require our pushing on the plastic panel and having to fork out thousands when they break down. Not everyone has the budget to pay for expensive repair bills. Designers need to get real and design for the ordinary person's budget which does not include repair money for unnecessary electronics. A Gps built in is ok improvement.
chad christoph 06/28/2011
I like this idea.
Vince L. 06/24/2011
I don't think that would defeat the purpose at all. I like the idea of the touch screen and the graphic feedback it provides. I would also like to have the option to be able to find a function by feel and adjust it. And by the way Brandon, I consider myself a tech savvy person and have no problem with touch screens. They have their proper function and place. I'm not sure that solely relying on one to control major (and basic) functions of my automobile is a wise move on several fronts (especially considering the questionable reliability of the MFT system at this point). Hunting and pecking on a touch screen at 70mph on the freeway is not the safest thing in the world.
Alan Camp 06/23/2011
Good idea. Redundant buttons/knobs should still be available with the Touch systems.
Brandon Ridlon 06/22/2011
that would kinda defeat the purpose. that said, tech savy people don't have a problem with touch screens.