By Tom M.

Just wish to say i loved all my rangers and would love for the U.S. to get a new compacted truck. But i for one will not want a small truck if it is not chassi and frame. I love the tuff little 4x4s of past and i would not want a subaru from ford. If i wanted a cross over iwould get one. See what im sayin? Look at that poopoo thing that Honda had put out, the yuck. Indepandant front and rear suspension?then pass it off as a truck? I still have my 99 ranger 4.0 4x4. I can tow with it, 4wheel it, haul the stuff i need. With no need to go larger than 31inch tires. Big trucks can cost big bucks,even to maintain them. Everything is geared to the starbucks,kaki slacked smell my hair folks. I will get one if ya don"t neuter the thin,...i promise. Little Off road small hauler for Joes, not the Brice or Trevor crowd. Please,please,please
ricky 09/17/2013
I own a 2005 FX 4 level 2 Ranger love the thing takes me anywhere i want.Darn near time to get a new truck .Cant wait much longer.6 speed eco-boost v-6 4x4 (fx 4)bf goodrich KOs on forged alcoas.Skid plates all around .Tow hooks etc.25,000$ or less build it and they will come.