QNX upgrade for existing MFT

Offer an upgrade for existing systems once an new system has been developed. as an existing owner of a 2013 with the myFord Touch, I'd be willing to pay a fee to upgrade.
John C 07/08/2014
Yes I have a 2012 Ford Focus and think that we should be upgraded to the Qnx as well..Thank You.
Robert Z 06/04/2014
we better continue to get updates!  I have a 2014 ford fusion, and expect to have it for several years!
Al M 05/30/2014
Great idea but lets take this a step further and offer the replacement upgrade to any Ford vehicle with Sync, MF or MFT in it.
Francois D 05/09/2014
I would pay for that upgrade, please make this happen if technically possible.

Thank you.