Projector and Projector screen

Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Tailgaters and enjoying nature is very common.  With the advancement of the MyFordTouch interface with media playback and Fords leadership in technology; Ford should develope a built-in projector that will pop up on the roof of the vehicle.  The projector will funtion the same as found in movie theathers.  A portable projector screen will be included in vehicles that are equipped with this feature.  Having a camp fire and telling stories are always one of the most valueable moments.  With a projector and project screen outside in the night while camping and telling stories, this feature will make the moments even more valuable and fun by including slide shows of pictures or even videos of those moments.  Most Ford owners love their vehicle soo much, with this feature, it would make for a very interesting experience with the connection of the vehicle as well as enjoying each other just that much more out in nature.  This feature is something that can be enjoyed outside of the vehicle so that one can full enjoy the pleasure of their hard earned money to the fullest without always having to enjoy the vehicle while inside of it.   
nancy wilde 03/04/2014
I have the answer to that!  I have a working prototype and would love to have Ford pick it up.  Right now it sits in my F350 and is "wowing" everyone who sees it.  Cautious to share but if someone from Ford would like to contact me.  Guaranteed to change how we work and have fun outside!