On MyFordTouch screen, put Hybrid Info where Climate is now

By Jeff J.

In traditionally powered vehicles, leave the Climate Screen as-is, because you need something to fill out that corner, I understand. But in hybrid vehicles, I think that quadrant of the screen would be better utilized with the Hybrid Information Screen. This would allieviate the need to squeeze four icons into the bottom button bar, which looks very cramped now. I think you should return to using that bottom bar for only three buttons - Settings, Home, and Sync Services, like in all other vehicles - and instead move the Hybrid Information Screen over to where Climate is currently. This way, the motors' states would always be visible, which would be nice. Climate can still be adjusted via physical hardware controls, which is totally fine, if not better, frankly. And, the color-coordination of the Efficiency Leaves would match the Hybrid Information Screen, which just makes sense.

All in all, I really think this would be a better layout. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.