Offroad Nav/GPS

By Kris R.

Would be nice to have an offroad nav/gps maps like the Lowrance gps system or the abbilty to add offroad maps.
James M 04/17/2014
Could not agree more. Would be great to save fishing/hunting spots and map off-road trails.  The technology is already there, just need to add an extra layer for terrain and stop the arrow from binding to roads.  Great idea!  
Darren T 04/10/2014
Definitely would be nice on all 4x4's, but especially the Raptor.
Darren T 04/05/2014
I agree with Mike H and Kris R.
Adding a feature to be able to use the memory slot for Hunting gps maps, topo maps and landowner maps would be awesome and really serve the 4x4 trucks well.
Mike H 03/27/2014
This is a feature the truck should of not left the factory without!