Offer current MFT owners a swap option

With the news recently that Ford is or could be working with different partners to develop infotainment systems for future products, it would be great if there was a migration path to the new system, when/if available it could be offered as a software or hardware upgrade to current MyFord Touch owners. Having a migration path away from the Microsoft based solution would be great because it could help lower maintenance costs in the future & give customers (especially loyal ones such as myself) an option to stay in the Ford family. Thanks!
Bill N 08/21/2014
or don't give up on MyFordTouch. The automotive press still remembers version 1.0 and treats the current implemntation like it's the old implementation. MyFordTouch is as good as any other system out there. Let's go to 4.x.
Lucas B 06/08/2014
This makes far too much sense to actually happen.