Non-touchscreen premium radio

By Paul M.

I'd like to see Ford add a premium radio option to all models that does not include the MyFord Touch interface. I don't like touchscreen devices and find them especially distracting while driving, even with voice commands. I would rather spend a few hundred more with Ford to get a premium stereo system that was designed for my car instead of having to rely on the aftermarket. I know Ford offers Sony systems without MyFord Touch in the European market, so why not here?
Al M 03/02/2013
Agreed! Why you can't get a standalone upgrade of the sound system in any model is beyond me. Having to add a higher package to get the premium Sony system is aggravating.
Brad B 08/17/2012
Hey Ford & Paul M ! Remember not to long ago when AM/FM, CD and Casette was the height of luxury? I have stacks of old casettes that I don't listen to anymore. I agree with Paul, but lets make it easy for Ford to do. Since Ford has the relationship with Sony lets go thru Ford accessorys and have an AM/FM, Casette, CD, and Sat/Radio that the dealer can install. I'd sure go there and buy it. I'd really like to see this available for the C-Max and Transit Connect. I think you'll find many ready customers. I know the problem of what to do with the radios that are removed, maybe a trade in plan, or even better on special order vehicles just leave out the factory install of the radio and the dealer can put what you want. Another customer might want to have the addition of the NOAA weather channels. Another way for Ford, the Ford Dealer, and the Ford owner to win.