new name for the special F150 pickup truck

By Doug L.

You have had the King Ranch, Harley Davidson and the SVT models. Now is the time for the Stars and Stripes model. This model would show an outstanding support for all the military branches and personnel that have served. I will let your marketing and designers come up with the design, but the USA Red, White and Blue Flag on the both door sides would be the best image. Thank you for allowing me to express my ideas. Always Ford. Doug Love
Marvin G 10/25/2012
I think it should have the flag in laid with the Ford badge if you have a military tribute. Inside the oval.
doug l 09/11/2012
I should have stated that the USA Flag could be an emblem and not the whole flag on the side of the door. Maybe you could offer to the buyer to add the branch of service that the veteran serve in