New Functionalities for SYNC

1. Provide realtime Gps location of physical road conditions via MS Sync and Smart phones for the driving public who download this app.
2. To collect Commuter feedback on Pot Holes with gps location and use that feedback to update Pot Hole by Zip Code.
3. To target banner ads and advertise technology like for instance Lincoln Mkz Ccd Technology for the Pot Hole App Feature of App for SE Michigan public for instance.
3. Leverage Digital Age marketing strategies to test market with 15 second audio and video or both blips, the feature of a Product for Eample, Lincoln Mkz Ccd Feature, new marketing lease deals, and 2014 Ford F-150 Aluminum Body Expected Benefits are, 1. being Omni present in the public eye and ears so the Ford is cemented in the mind of the car driving public and in the hope to consider a Ford product when they are in the market place for a Vehicle.
2. provide free feedback by engage local Civic Govts. to quickly address the issue of pot holes and how? many people have complained about the road conditions by being a good corporate Samaritan citizen for the safety and being of all driving public.3. free engagement with Ford User or potential Ford Customer to create buzz of a Technology Feature of Product that will benefit the buyer.4. have public participate and provide Metrics with consent on driving commute, acceleration, braking, stalling and all vehicle real world dynamic data for realistic real world testing. 5. ability to penetrate markets that are light on Ford product that has the potential to make inroads in the State or Country or District, Example, California. 6. advertise for free new technology features being considered for a Ford Product, the benefits on the driving public and thereby create buzz prior to launch. 7. engage locally by working together with local grocery chains namley, Meijers, Hillers, Krogers, etc in SE Michigan and other Metro areas to take order via Sync, keep it ready packed and ready to be picked up by the Customer ordered via Sync.
Jim N 03/23/2014
I don't want or need to be distracted while driveing.  so I'd have tovote down on this or any vehicle with such controls.