New F100

I wish Ford would bring back the F100 in a basic truck with a bench seat manual trans. rubber floor covering. It does not have to have large wheels & tires just a 15" steel wheel would be all it would need. offer it in a 2 and 4 wheel drive model I prefer a regular cab but I know some people do not. On the 4 wheel drive model you could put lockout hubs on it and skid plates. Offer a few options like power windows, locks and mirrors, and put a nice radio in it.
William L 05/19/2013
I think it's a great idea, there probably is a market for a light 1/2 ton pickup. For those who need to haul gravel or tow trailers, there is still the F150 and heavier models. I'd go so far as to suggest automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, maybe a V6 and traction control as standard equipment.