New Coupe

By Bob F.

Some history for my comment. My first new Ford was a 67 fastback in Acapulco blue,
next was a 70 Torino Cobra with the drag pack, 74 e250, 76 Cougar XR7, 77 Marquis Brougham, 86 Ranger 4x4 extended cab, 87 Turbocoupe, 89 Mark VII Special Edition in black, 89 f 250 diesel, 92 Eddie Bauer Bronco, 92 Eddie Bauer Explorer, 96 F-250 diesel,96 Explorer XLT, 01 Ranger 4x4 4 door, 01 Escape 4x4 etc. and many used Ford vehicles as large as C9000 and CLT 9000 tractor (day cab).
Out of all of those vehicles my favorite and the most fun to drive and pleasure to be in was the 1987 Turbocoupe. One day I let my cousin (an electrical engineer drive this car on a twisty lane and one half somewhere in Pennsylvania, he looked down at the speedo which was registering something north of 95 mph and looked at me and asked ,"Is that right", I said "Yea I know what you mean".
Can we produce something as great as that, or is the Thunderbird gone to the Spirit in the Sky?
Robert Todd 10/01/2011
I have a 88 turbocoupe but installed a 5.8 lightning motor and am soon going to install a new 5.0 cuyote crate motor with all electronics. I consider this as close as it will ever come to sumething Ford could build today. Its free to wish or dream