Navigation System Updates

By Karl K.

Why is it that on my 2007 MKX I have to buy a new navigation DVD at $250.00 to get updated maps?I f you can buy a TOMTOM or other stand alone GPS system for $100, why do the updated navigation disks cost $250?

My idea is to make the navigation system internet updatable by the end user or, better yet, have the system update itself. Most GPS systems can already send and receive information so why not enable them to update the maps on their own. I think customers would find it a lot more convenient than having to buy a new disk every year.

frank costley 10/26/2014
Are there after market updates?Frank
Allen Trussell 01/18/2013
Ford is good about this. I also own a 2003 Ford F-450.
Cam position sensor cost 180.00 until
Ford decided to recall them, price dropped to less than 25.00 dollars.
jon 12/17/2012
I was told when I bought my Navigation system with my vehicle the updates were 40.00, no big deal sure the hell was shocked when I tried to get mine and was told 199.00. The bad part is the maps I received with my unit was already a year old and out of date when I bought the vehicle. Then sattlelie radio keeps going up, the traffic portion is overpriced also. I will never again buy another Navigation system on a automobile until I know all the facts, and have it in writing.
Warren 06/15/2012
I totally agree with the comments above. $200 for an update!!!! Who in their right mind is paying for this? If the customer thinks he is being nickeled and dimed (or in this case dimed and dimed, car sales talk for hundreds) they lose loyalty. I love my expedition and plan on having it for years to come. But come on Ford, drop the price to $49.99 and watch the cash register ring!
Tom M 04/03/2012
2011 F150,2007 MKX. Love these . Have Navigation on both. But to Update is too much $$$$.They can use GPS, but why should they when they can try to get you to pay for it. I will NOT PAY ANY MORE.
Walt Miller 12/30/2011
I refuse to buy an update map from Lincoln/Ford for my 2007 MKX. A stand-alone unit costs less than the $199 advertised by Lincoln, continually updates itself and provides voice instructions. If they put a reasonable price (lt $100) I might consider it.
Martin Lindsey 12/15/2010
As a Loyal Ford Customer I am struggling with this UPDATES for the GPS system I have in my Expedition. I just went out and purchased a portable GPS fo pennies compared to what FORD wants for a product they had no problem taking the money for. The sad thing is the new GPS has LIFETIME UPDATES, FORD is doing so much better, they should take care of us and get the updates to us without delay.
Pete 11/16/2010
Yes, I love the navigation system, but hate the update price. With the excellent mapping services provided by Google, Mapquest, etc for FREE, Ford should have been able to provide updates at an affordable price after spending $2,000 for the initial purchase. The one thing for which I have say SHAME on Ford.
Brandon 11/12/2010
Agreed! $250 is way too much for an update, especially after paying $2K for the system. It should be lifetime updates, which doesn't end up being much more than 10-15years anyways.
Norman Page 09/23/2010
need to get udate for navigation system for 2008 LIncoln Mark lV Ford truck
Bender 04/15/2010
Yes and it would be awesome if you also have the option to upload maps from other countries if you take your car with you to Europe,