Navagation UPGRADE

By Jim T.

It would be nice to see Ford allow second Hand car buyers and others who had purchased a MLT/MFT Vehical with no Navagation, be able to Pay and have the Upgrade Made Availble. Ford I have read a lot of Comments on this subject through out a lot of forums. Is there any reason why this can't be done. There are a lot of customers willing to pay for this. A happy Customer is a returning customer FORD. Lets not Forget. Pleaee make this upgrade available for those willing to pay for it.
Augie O 02/01/2013
I would love the ability especially for vehicles such as the focus with the premium Sony sound system, it already has the screen, has the card slot and has GPS (for turn by turn) I'd pay for it, also the back-up camera system. I think Ford could have a lot of add on sales if the cars were designed to allow some of these types of updates by going to a wiring scenerio that is the same so that upgrades are possible.
Stan U 01/26/2013
It is probably due to the fact that the wiring harness and significant dashboard hardware might to be upgraded and that would be cost prohibitive.
Jeremy J 01/15/2013
This would also be great for Ford owners that wanted the option but it wasn't available when they made their purchased. I bought the last Candy Apple Red Focus Titantium within a 500 mile radius. None of them had Nav and I would love to upgrade!!!