MyLincoln Touch - Voice

Sync-MyLincoln Touch should have a different voice than the Sync-MyFord Touch system. The Lincoln brand is the upgrade and we should also be able to choose a male or female voice different than the voice available on the other Ford products.
Matt 07/26/2011
I am very happy with my new Lincoln MKX however I would suggest the following change to the MyLincolnTouch:
1) Make Home screen less busy: four square strucure is terrific but the colors are HIDEOUS/TACKY and there is just too much information in each quadrant
2) Make the Radio/Climate/Communication/Nav Home screens MUCH LESS BUSY - there is way too much info on each screen - it looks like Time Square at 8pm,
3) this is particularly true on the Navigation home - way too much info here. The system is terrific - I really like it. I am also a tech savvy person who is used to dealing with new technology and I really feel this system needs to be tweaked and your software designers need to make the primary screens much more simple with an option to toggle to additional features. Take a page from Apple - decide what is important and make it primary.