MyFordMobile App for Windows Phone

By Ryan R.

Please support the 3rd largest (and growing) mobile ecosystem.

My 2014 Ford C-Max Energi is very lonely without the MyFordMobile App, And no the website is not an replacement.

Please help make my C-Max complete.
Stephen C 08/27/2014
Come on Ford. Your cars say "Microsoft" in them. Develop the app for the Windows Phone.
Patty H 08/18/2014
Agreed!  I love my new C-Max Energi and my Windows phone, and would really love the app. Please complete my car/phone system!
Rick C 07/23/2014
I agree! Very confusing to see Microsoft branding on my Fusion Energi and then be snubbed when looking for the app for Windows Phones and Tablets. Even Ford sales team is confused. They assumed (as did I) that finding phone integration support for my phone meant that it was supported for the app too.