MyFord Touch Mustang

By Greg N.

While visiting the Detroit Autoshow/NAIAS, I got my first real look at MyFord Touch. I was pretty impressed. Despite the noise of thousands of people walking and talking around the show and no experience using the system, I was able to pick up enough in a minute or two to change the climate controls and the radio. So, someday down the road when I replace my Focus, I hope to get a new Focus with MyFord Touch. Still, I hope they never put MyFord Touch in the Mustang. I just don't think it would belong there. So there is my idea. MyFord Touch for all, except the Mustang.
Justin S 10/19/2012
I agree. the Mustang is not an Econo Line vehicle. I see no reason why this level of technology cannot be an option for atleast the Premium trims for the Mustang.
Travis N 03/10/2012
The Mustang should have MyFord Touch as an option. There is already a navigation option available. Why not make it better? It would be ridiculous to not offer it in the Mustang. You are not forced to get it, so if you think it should never be in a Mustang... Never get it in YOUR Mustang and let others enjoy MyFord Touch.