MyDock- Built in Smartphone charger/holder

By Brad B.

Everyone today has a smartphone whether its iOS or Android it doesn't matter. If you look at what the majority of Ford Owners do with their phones when thy are driving most lay them on the centre console, either inside the cup-holder (like the Ford marketing materials show) or a compartment somewhere on the console. Most Ford Owners also run a charging cord from inside the vehicles console or media hub to their phone. While driving the phone sometimes falls off the console to the floor, or takes up a cup holder that could be used for a drink someone has to hold.

My idea is to get all that functionality into one spot but make it a robust, powered connection and phone holder all in one and as part of the vehicle.

MyDock is already being done outside the automobile industry but this idea is to incorporate the dock into the vehicle with swappable docking connectors for iOS or Android phones. Moulded into each of the Ford vehicle centre consoles would be a recessed dock with the appropriate connector at the bottom. The MyDock connector would not only be powered but also wired to the My Ford Touch or SYNC system for playback of audio/video sources.

The MyDock would be deep enough to hold the smartphone in an upright position and angled appropriately for the driver to see the screen. It would allow for the phone have a case on it while supporting the phone in an impact collision so the phone doesn't become a projectile.

The MyDock connector plates could be offered in any smartphone form factor to allow for any smartphone to connect. Obviously the most commonly used phones would be sold with the vehicle.

When not in use the recessed MyDock would have a rubber cover over it to stop debris from falling inside and damaging the connector.
Brad B 06/13/2012
I think Buick has beat Ford to it.........I saw it one of their vehicles.
Roberto G 03/01/2012
This is an awesome idea and could lead to so many more options and connect functions from the phone as you stated, have it connect to the Ford Sync system and have the phones audio or video display on the NAV screen or even the Dual DVD headrest screens for videos or movies. Man oh man I hope Ford picks up on this idea, it would be amazing to have installed by Ford instead of having to have it all done after market.