Mute Stereo input options

I have a 2014 Escape Titanium. I chose not to subscribe to Sirius satellite radio, so I'd prefer not to have Sirius channel designations permeating my Sync menus.  Proposal: Offer a way to mute (if not delete) options from the stereo input menu? There reason this would be helpful: Sync has a nice feature to scroll through stereo inputs using the "OK" button on the right half of the steering wheel. Since I am not subscribed to Sirius, I don't want to have to toggle through all 3 Sirius channels every time I want to change inputs. On the same note, I notice that Bluetooth audio is not a default option when using the "OK" button to scroll through. I would actually want that as an option. I understand that everything can be accessed via the touchscreen interface in the center console, but some configurability would be handy to narrow down (or even expand) the options of that shortcut feature. My main point here is that the convenience intended by the scrolling option via the "OK" button is undermined by the inconvenience of landing on undesired input options.