Multiple rearview inputs

The navigation system with the built in rearview camera is great...but Ford should develope the ability to add muliple cameras and the ability to use them while driving. I am a full time RV'r and I chose the Ford F350 for its towing capacity. I would really like to see behind the fifth wheel while traveling down the road and also to have a camera in the bed or above the bed to assist in connecting to the fifth wheel. Just add additional conection points and specify the camera or sell them as accesories. Wired or wireless the towing community would go bongers for the ability to see behind them and during fifth wheel hook-up.
Frank P 11/07/2014
I agree, a rear bed camera would help greatly with all sort of trailers
Chris B 10/19/2012
I too tow a 5th wheel with my F350 (2011) - would LOVE a camera above the bed to help with hitching the 5er to my truck. Frankly the cost to Ford (or us) would/should be minimal. You have most of what you need already there. Ford has done so much to make this truck an awesome tow machine, the camera would just finish it off...
Tim K 08/15/2012
I think you hit on a key concept, to be able to add on technology to already great vehicle. Multiple I/O's on the factory display or like my idea, the ability to dock a second display (mobile device) that could show multiple cameras ad the same time.