More intuitive interface for Sony System

Many Ford Focus owners who have the Sony 10 speaker audio system are complaining about sound quality. Although it is not comparable to premium car audio systems like Bose, B&O and Klipsch, the audio quality of the Sony system can be significantly improved with some simple adjustments. The problem is that most owners of Fords with the Sony system don't know how to make adjustments. It doesn't help that the adjustment interface is unintuitive. The first thing I suggest is a supplement to the Owner's Manual that describes the adjustments and how to use them. The audio imaging interface can make a huge difference in sound quality. This is first thing a user should adjust. The interface has a touch joystick. But it responds poorly. And the window is too small for fine adjustments. I suggest that the audio imaging window be made as large as possible and that the vertical and horizontal adjustments be sliders so as to be consistent with computer interfaces. Four imaging presets should be provided vertically, two per side, to help the user get a sense of the effects of off centre imaging settings. When the user finds the preset that they like best, they can fine tune it with the joystick or sliders.
The EQ is also extremely unintuitive. For starters the Bass control should be at the bottom of the window and the treble at the top. One of the most intuitive EQs I have found is an app for the iPad and iPhone called EQu. The software has a series of presets (including Flat) that allow the user to quickly compare different EQ settings then fine tune the EQ they like best by manipulating the EQ curve with their finger.
Whatever sophisticated audio system Ford offers it will only be as good as the users ability to easily tune it to their preferences.