Mobile App from ODB II port

My insurance company is collecting a lot of information from my car through the ODB II port. It would be nice to have an option to have that same information sent to my smart phone or sync display. I would like to see all the statistics on my driving behaviors including lifetime gallons of gas used, vehicle performance, history and maps of trips I've taken (with the gallons of gas it took), time it took to travel. It would encourage me to try to save more gas every time I drive from Vegas to Phoenix for example. I would know what gas station to fill up at or try a different route that saves gas and share that info with friends to compete on these trips. Even if the same piece of equipment my insurance sent me ford sends me and I could download an app on my phone or start a profile online to view.
Matthew B 06/22/2012
THe more data the better, while not everyone wants that information, those that do should have the ability to access it. Maybe part of the app for the ev cars to start with.
Richard G 03/01/2012
I agree. I love to see as much data as possible. I feel that companies often dumb down things to provide a simpler interface for less technical people. I would love for them to give options to the people that want to push past the very basic.