MFT Save All User data to USB

By Earl S.

After having to "reset" my 2013 Edge MFT, I realize we should be able to save navigation favorites, previous destinations, phone sync info, etc. to a USB stick BEFORE RESETING and losing the data.

After reseting MFT, there should be a "restore" function for all of this data.

Think about it!! Do it!!
Stan U 01/26/2013
Agree 100% Bad oversight. But hey, it's Microsoft, what do they know? I could write a book on how bad this interface is. When the DOT starts getting serious about regulating dashboard distractions, MFTwill be the example of what is wrong.
Brian D 01/24/2013
After having just lost all my Nav favorites that I built up in our favorite vacation spots, I am more than ticked that this simple function is not included in this system!
John K 12/21/2012
Please also add the ability to save Sirius and radio favorites / alerts. It took me two months to add my favorites and a 5 min master reset to lose them all.
Richard G 11/30/2012
I have never been able to really save any information since every time I get a new version of Sync or it gets in a weird mode that requires a master reset. A tool like this would go a long way to alleviate the pain of the MyFord touch system.
Timothy H 08/01/2012
I had to do the dreaded master reset on my 2012 Focus this week and was thinking this would be a good feature to have and post it up on Ford Social. It looks like somebody beat me to it so here's a thumbs up instead.