MFT Design Ideas

By Jeff J.

First, I really love M.F.T. That said, I'd like to suggest some tweaks.Volume Display: If you adjust volume while the system is speaking, it adjusts the voice volume, but that volume bar appears in the same place the music volume does, in the lower left, red corner. That's a little confusing. When the voice is being adjusted, the volume bar should be displayed in the upper right, green corner. Similarly, when phone call volume is adjusted, that should be displayed in the yellow bar.

Navigation Button Placement: I understand that no buttons are on the right side of the overview map, because those buttons would be obscured when the Next Step preview screen appears, but I feel if the distance scale was obscured, that wouldn't be a problem. Therefore, I suggest moving the scale from the lower left to the lower right corner, then slide the E.T.A. info down, and with that done, there would be room for the View buttons to be above/below each other, instead of side-by-side. I think the two View buttons and two Zoom buttons would look nicer in one vertical panel.Hybrid Info Button: I love the Hybrid Info screen, but four buttons makes that center trapazoid too crowded. I'm not entirely sure what should be done about this, but please, something. One idea is to move the gears up to the Clock & Compass area. Since pressing the Clock & Compass takes you into settings anyway, this seems easiest. Another idea would be, in hybrid cars, simply do away with the Climate section entirely (since seperate "hard" controls exist anyway) and devote that entire quadrant to Hybrid Info.

Phone Mini-Screen: From the mini screen (just to the right of the speedometer), it should really be possible to listen to text messages via that menu.

And lastly, I'm not sure this if this is related to M.F.T. or not, but regarding the mini screen to the left of the speedometer, I love that My View lets you customize the display, but I think there should be three editable sections. In addition to the currently seperated left and right sections, the center section should be customizable as well. Right now, Avg. M.P.G. is displayed in the center almost always. I wish that could be set to display Distance to Empty instead, or perhaps even nothing at all.

If anyone at Ford actually reads these ideas, thank you! 
Jeff J 11/25/2013
I think I figured it out! ...the "problem" of four buttons being too many in the bottom center trapazoid, that is. Here's my proposal: Remove the Hybrid Info button while in any of the four modes - Phone, Nav, Music, or Climate. In any of those four screens, just have the three buttons down there, like in every other Ford - i, Home, Settings. Alright, then, while on the home screen, instead of showing the Home button as being selected, don't show the Home button at all. Instead, while on the Home screen, show the Hybrid Info button (the leaves). And, while in the Hybrid Info screen, show the Home button again. It'd work perfectly. The only downside to this idea is that it would become impossible to go directly from Phone, Nav, Music, or Climate to the Hybrid Info screen; you'd have to go to the Home screen first. But is that so bad, really? I don't think so. I think the advantage of making the other three buttons larger again (as they are in non-hybrids) far outweighs this. What are your thoughts, M.F.T. Design Team?