Memo Reminder with sync

This idea will operate through the sync system using a new app that may be called MyFordAssist.  The idea is to assist with reminders of scheduled appointments, events, shopping list or any general note to notify the driver of the event.  With the use of a bluetooth enabled device, the vehicle will automatically sync the memos which would be set up through the mobile phone.  During the set up of the memos the app will feature options of date, and time of which the event occur so that the vehicle will know when to alert the driver of the event.  There will also be an option of which the vehicle will alert the driver ahead of time.  If the driver has multiple things to do during one day, each time the vehicle start up the reminder with prompt an audio and visual message to keep the driver alerted of what has to be done.  This feature will also have an option to be disabled at any given time.  Sometimes we may become too busy and may forget to stop places or pick up things before we end our day.  This feature will help save multiple trips back and forward from a store or etc. The feature will also help minimize frustration to the driver or even a busy parent who always has multiple things on their agenda.