Make AppLink SDK available to wider market

As it stands the SYNC AppLink SDK is restricted only to a very select few companies who have major Android or iPhone Apps (like Pandora). You should try to make this available more openly to people to develop cool apps for handsfree use in the car.
Tom Kulaga 11/07/2013
They'd better allow access to the speedometer tray displays! I drove a Mustang that would allow the display of several different gauges, but somehow my new Explorer wil only show fuel, temp, and tach. I'd love to be able to build my own custom gauges, especially if I had access to all the data on the CAN bus. Ford, make this happen!
Justin B 01/26/2013
It seems that Ford has done their part on this idea, launching the new site and making the AppLink SDK generally available. Good work Ford!
Andrew h 12/20/2012
can you imagine Ford MFT Becoming the iPhone of the vehicle companies? This is what I envisioned when I bought into the MFT technology. An app market that would allow developers to create new skins for not only the center screen but also for the Speedometer tray displays. Apps that could run off 4G phones tethered to MFT. I hope someone has the vision to let MFT become what it's capable of.