Mac in fords?

we all know the the Microsoft based sync system is amazing, but it could be better. If you look at Fords german competitors they all very good driving systems like Mercedes very well put together. You can and should be able to control all of your driving systems in one system. If you make it an Apple product it would be more advance, also you can sync your Iphone and the the whole Mac operating system in your finger tips.
JPride 07/11/2011
As someone who has an iPad 2, Iphone 4, AppleTV, and a iPod touch; Go away fan boy. Go away. Microsoft SYNC is just fine in my Taurus SHO
Tyler Smith 07/10/2011
Using Apple systems would also cause the price of SYNC and such to skyrocket, simply because of Apple being so expensive to begin with.
Dave Bristel 06/03/2011
Apple has one strength, and that is in the user interface. Things like FEATURES can be applied to any operating system from any developer, so Microsoft vs. Apple does NOT affect anything here. Now, what is it about those "driving systems" from Mercedes that you feel is better?
Carlos Nuñez 05/30/2011
Usually the Mac system is pretty good but for car functions it may not be the best. It is great for design not fos managing info... or resourses