Lincoln's Future

Before you produce a "flagship" sedan you need a luxury compact sedan, like a C-Class, or 3-Series, and even an ATS. You need a compact luxury sedan that is RWD, I4 Turbo like the Cadillac ATS. You have to research and analyze the competitors and make something that could capture the market. After your done with that, don't make a flagship yet. You need a RWD V8 sedan, like the CTS-V. Make it a convertible, and a coupe. Give it major HP, like 500-600 range. Give it the Shelby GT500 engine for lower design cost. Then, work on your flagship. You should obviously make it RWD, optional V8 and AWD. Screw FWD. If you're going to hit the Chinese market with your line-up, you have to make your flagship something you stand for, something that you would be proud to put your name on. And add a hybrid!!
Jake J 08/15/2013
Definitely a compact and flagship would be great. A sports car to rival the corvette with the GT moniker would be great. Possibly position the new GT slightly above the corvette in price. The GT would have to be made after Lincoln rebuilds its reputation and earns profits at least somewhere around what Cadillac does.