Library Car Holders

By Gwen N.

We need a place to put our organized interest items. We need to store writing materials, stamps, envelopes, and books. for our Kindle and charging area of phones. We need a electronic hoop up area in SUV's. We have Ford Escape and Ford Explorer. Love them both. Never offer me anything except a Ford Explorer. SUPER need, we need a safe place to store our gun when we travel. We have permits and lessons on this for our family. All over 21 now. IT is designed for all our needs. SUV have no trunks, give us side with that hidden ...designed in a way that is safe and away from harm. Even overhead would work.
We are an electronic society now. Plug us into charging our units.
Put it in the back seat and on the back of a pack that's installable and carry into the house. Ideas work for our family. We are creative. My grandson is 21 he could design one that fits all needs. Thank you.
Marcus N 03/29/2013
I'm not asking for a place for my gun, but I really need more storage room. I love my 2013 Escape but there is NO flat place to lay my phone on and terrible glove and center console storage.