Let passengers use Sync Display while vehicle is in motion

By Ty J.

I love the new Sync in my 2013 Explorer Limited but it's more frustrating than helpful when driving. We bought this car for our family road trips up to Tahoe and other regional jaunts. The touch system disables half of the settings and functionality when the car is moving which is ridiculous when the car already knows a passenger is sitting in the front with the driver (the airbag light goes on and off when a passenger is there).

Come out with update utilizing the passenger seat airbag sensor. If a passenger is there, allow the front screen to be used unhindered by your safety controls. The fact that you can't even set a GPS destination while moving is horrible. We have to use our iPhones instead or pull over even though there is a competent passenger in the seat that could be controlling the settings. It's great to think about safety but it's nearly unusable to the point that drivers are then not using your system and are still using cell phones for the same functions.
Bruno Languedoc 08/03/2014
Bruno L.What a great idea! We are all ready for an improvement like this, even the one who as not think about it. So do something to please all of us Ford/Mercury owners. Thousand and thousand drivers will be happy for there next road trip. 
Michael 04/27/2014
This definitely needs to be remedied. And not in some future model down the line. It needs to be remedied in *current* systems. I'm all for safety, but the current system borders on insanity.
David 03/05/2014
Please please do this. If I had known how frustrating this would be, I would have considered a different car.
Jesse W 02/26/2014
Same goes for Bluetooth pairing. I get the safety factor, but when I have a passenger who hops in for a trip of some sort or another and wants to play their music from their phone, they can't just connect their device unless I stop and shift to park. This is really inconvenient.
Samantha T 08/19/2013
Please do this. It is so frustrating to lose most of the functionality of the system when I have a passenger who can control the system for me. I went on a trip to Missouri with my family recently and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t access functions until we got to a gas station and could pull over.
Richard G. Belmore 04/13/2013
Makes perfect sense to me, you have to pull over to use it? The passenger could be using it. (Needs fixing)
Brenda R 04/08/2013
I have a 2011 MKZ and my daughter and I have discussed an override button for the passenger. It is such a simple thing.
Laura M 11/29/2012
I agree 100%. There is a sensor in the passenger seat that tells the vehicle that someone other than the driver is in the car. My husband and I had to sit in the driveway for 5 minutes while I programmed our destination (because that's how difficult and time consuming it is to do with this nav system) because if we started moving, we'd have to do it through voice recognition, which is even worse than trying to do it on-screen.