Keeping the Ford Ranger in the vehicle lineup

I think Ford Motor Company should reconsider discontinuing the Ranger. The F-150 might be a great full-sized truck, but in a country with gas prices the way they are Americans are going to need an option of having power along with small sizes and good fuel economy. I have a 1999 Ranger and when I went to my local Ford dealership and found out that the Ranger was discontinued, my heart was broke. The Ranger is a legend and one of the only compact/mid-size trucks that can keep up with the larger full-sized trucks. Not many Toyota owners can have the privilege of saying that they pulled a 6,500 pound Yukon out of a ditch. The Ranger is not only durable but it is reliable. My truck has gotten me out of some tight spaces and it is small enough that it can fit through tight spaces where larger models like the F-150 cannot go through. Not only is the Ranger attractive to the regular consumer, but many companies like Auto Zone and Car Quest use the Ranger because of its gas mileage and reliability. I think it would be in the best interest to keep the Ranger around.
Best regards, Brandon Burdeaux (A Ranger enthusiast)

J Bruni 07/01/2011
I will miss the Ranger. My 97 Ranger is an outstanding little truck, perfect for the jobs that I have (moving friends from apartment to apartment, moving lawn mowers, odd jobs around the house or my dad's farm). Its a rare truck, 4x4, manual transmission and transfer case, 3.0 liter, 7 foot bed. I would love to buy another one soon, as mine has approaching 200,000 miles on it (but its still doing great). The F-150 is too big for me right now, plus you can only get it with an automatic.
Jacob Bradley 06/05/2011
I don't think I am asking for much. The Ranger does not need to be much bigger or have that "Super High" towing number the few hardcore buyers ask for. I just need a smaller, lighter, maneuverable, and more efficient alternative to the F-150. Even just a few simple updates to the Ranger can help it stay modern like an power-train transplant (maybe a 3.5l or 3.7l with a 6-speed) minor to moderate frame reinforcements, and a slight redesign of the exterior/interior style. P.S. The people that usually will buy the "Cheap" 2.3l Rangers is because the 4.0l is terrible with gas and power for what it is, and the limited amount of options on upper trim levels do not draw much interest. Also I personally avoid the 4.0l Rangers because it gets about the same mileage as our 5.4l '07 F-150 but only produces a little more HP than my 2000 Taurus with the 3.0l Vulcan OHV and that's why, just like my cousin, he has the 2.3l because of the good gas mileage and he can still haul things albeit a bit slow on the acceleration but it is better than the alternative of the 4.0l's performance/economy tradeoff.
Jacob Bradley 06/05/2011
Please Ford! Keep the Ranger. I have loved them for years and they have never let me and hard working family down. My cousin loves his because he gets around 27 mpg and is constantly hauling things like lumber, firewood, dirt, and anything else that is needed to be moved. In my family we have 3 rangers('93, '97, and '01) and a whole slew of F-150's & F-100's ('76,'78,'85,2 '96's, and a 2007) but we usually will only go out into the hillside woods for firewood in the Rangers because they are much easier to get in and out through small areas in our trails and do not get stuck as much as our F-150's.
Lincoln Vaz 06/05/2011
Ford is making a huge mistake discontinuing the Ranger. Why compare the fuel economy of the current Ranger with it's 2.3 I4 and 4.0 V6 which has not had a major redesign for close to two decades with the F-150 which has had two major redesigns and new engines? Although I think the new "global Ranger" is too large, I am not sure why the "One Ford" strategy didn't take the US market into account when the new "global" Ranger was designed.
Curtis Glauser 06/01/2011
Keep the ranger in the lineup, put the 3.7 in it. My 99 ranger hsa over 240,000 miles and still going strong.
Austin Daggit 05/23/2011
ford dosen't want it to compete with the f-150
Jeff 04/24/2011
I have owned 4 Rangers over the past 15 years. I got over 200,000 miles out of them, only reason I sold them was to get a newer one. I always got my $$$ worth out of them. The Ford Ranger needs to stay.
Lex 04/21/2011
The Ranger is great, but the Fuel Economy from the 4.0 Cologne is not. Put an ECOBOOST engine in the Ranger instead, it will be seriously quick and have great MPGs, two major selling points.
Greg Olson 04/20/2011
As a partsman at a ford dealership level for over 25 years, I will also be
sorry to see the Ranger go. Over these last few years these trucks have proven vary capable and extremly reliable. I currently own a 2010 model myself and was very pleased to see Ford Motor Company invest in safty equipment like standard side air bags and rear disc brakes and a anti-skid rollover control system (on a truck supposedly on its way out) Sadly it is due for a redesign in both style and powertrain. I Have full confidence in the people at Ford to come up with attactive sytle, powertrain & economy advancements while still keeping it the same rock steady dependable little work truck we how about it Ford...I know you are up to the challange.....don't let the naysayers in marketing tell you demand isn't there...because it your homework and make us proud....@ formula that has proven its might in the past-----Reasonable Purcase Price/Dependable Product/fuel saving/ablity to work = high demands which in turn = high sales
Robert Todd 04/14/2011
It seems that "save the Ranger" comments are comming from all directions but it takes more to change a chosen direction by a giant corporation. Count the Ranger as gone. I will buy a very clean used one and hope it gives me the 250,000+ miles my present Ranger is. Maybe by then Ford will re introduce the Ranger. I wish Ford would give a better reason than"buying the cheapest thing in the lineup and just as well buy a Fiesta or Focus. Fine cars I am sure but how Ford figures we will do that and be happy when the Ranger is gone is beyond me. Henry, get up and shake some sense into somebody
Robert Todd 04/14/2011
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