iTunes Tagging

I would like to see the ability to push a button and have the currently playing song tagged and sent on to SYNC so that when I get home I have songs I want to buy that I heard on the radio listed so I can go to iTunes and purchase those songs. Several times I've heard songs on satellite radio that I liked and wanted to purchase but when I got home I forgot what the song name was. I would hope that is something that could be made available through a SYNC software update.
John Powers 01/24/2014
Tagging seems to work fine. Each time I tag a song, a little dialog box comes up and tells me how many tag slots I have left. The problem is getting the tag list on my iphone. I don't have an iPod. When I sync my phone to my Sync via Usb cable, a dialog box comes up telling me my iPod is full. I'd use this feature if it worked with my iPhone 5.
Vincent Hennigan 07/04/2011
The SYNC® system on vehicles with MyFord Touch™ or MyLincoln Touch™, have a feature called iTunes® Tagging. This provides the ability to capture a song you hear on the HD Radio receiver for later purchase:
– With a simple push of the “TAG” button on the radio display, the song information is stored in the radio’s memory
– Up to 100 tags can be stored on SYNC until the iPod® is connected to receive the download of metadata. When the iPod is then synced to iTunes, a playlist of “tagged” songs will appear. Once logged into iTunes you can preview and, if desired, purchase and download tagged songs from the iTunes Store.
Pretty cool idea! I think Ford's the only company that has this in their vehicles! Since Sync is a software based, I'm sure someone could write an update for existing Sync-equipped vehicles.