Better/seamless iPhone and other smartphone integration! Please enhance everything from media streaming to text messaging features and everything in-between. These are very smart cars and very smart phones; they should work together much better than they currently do. Please update sync and myford touch soon to let users fully utilize all of this great technology.
Thomas C 04/01/2014
I have the latest of both; iPhone 5s w/ the just-updated OS, & a 2014 Fusion Hybrid Titanium just off the line. No bluetooth texting functionality, even though the SYNC-compatibility page for the vehicle on Ford.com implies that there should be no problem ... w/ the iPhone 5 (NOT the 5s ...). Whether this is more a Ford issue or an Apple one, "high-ups" at both companies should be coordinating from update to update of BOTH softwares; these are not 2nd-tier companies. I'll also be contacting Apple today, & certainly hope that Ford will be doing its part from here on. Thanks!
David Demel 12/28/2011
When I bought my new F150 I had an old motorola razr2 phone and when I got a text, sync would read it out to me, handsfree...this is an awesome feature. I bought a new iphone and now this feature does not work.....please fix this
Brad B. 07/15/2011
I think you want Apple to allow MAP BlueTooth protocol on the current iOS4.3.3 to permit SYNC to translate text to speech. This is an Apple issue not Ford.
Dave Bristel 06/03/2011
Bluetooth support for these features is what is currently missing. You assume that the iPhone has every possible feature, but it lacks some functionality that some other devices currently do.