iOS in the Car

Ford should partner with Apple to include "iOS in the Car" with the Ford Sync system. They’ll be able to make phone calls, play music, display Apple Maps onscreen and receive iMessages. Siri, Apple’s voice-recognition program that acts like a digital personal assistant, can read iMessages aloud and transcribe dictated responses as part of Apple’s Eyes Free feature set.
Alan 09/28/2014
I would like the idea of transcribing my ideas as they come to mind by pressing a button on the steering wheel.
Milton M 07/16/2014
I find the Sync to be somewhat klunky to use, and downright slow.  Button presses take seconds to register and re-draw the screen.  It should be instantaneous!
Brian B 01/07/2014
In my opinion, leave the Sync, it works good for what it is. But it is absolutely imperative that iOS in the car is added. My next car purchase will be heavily influenced by whether or not the car supports Siri Eyes Free.
Dallas E 12/13/2013
It wouldn't be difficult for Ford to impliment these features. Ford does great with designing brilliant cars, but they've always fallen short with all technology design. Pairing with Microsoft may have worked back in the day, but as of now, Ford shouldn't stall on working to integrate Siri and iOS in the car. Apple is easily the industry leader in design. Can you imagine how sharp a Focus with iOS in the Car would look?
Speed M 11/11/2013
Just replace the whole system with Apple design. Microsoft’s Sync has already proven it doesn’t work.