IOS in the Car.

Whenever I read a review about a Ford vehicle, the one complaint that always comes up is the MyFordTouch interface. A year ago, I mentioned that ford should partner with Apple or Google to develop a lighter, user friendly interface. Apple's IOS in the car seems like a perfect fit. Apple products are very streamlined and user friendly.....and just work. Ford doesn't have the money or recourses to make the same type of product apple can. Please take this seriously, and get on board with the IOS in the car program.
Bill N 08/21/2014
Kristian, I read the same things too.  Then, I tried MyFordTouch.  The reviewers are wrong.  MyFordTouch is as good as any other system out there. 
Mark R 02/16/2014
I bought a fully loaded Platinum F150.  I love the truc but hate the navigation-phone-music interface.  I hope that Ford will allow a retro-fix to offer the use of Apple' iOS in the Car.  If not, I will switch to a manufacturer that does.  I have to drive my vehicle alot and I want it to work with my iphone.  Hate to say it Ford, but I am not alone.  Better get on the ball, or you will lose out sales to your competitors.  
Stefan Z 01/07/2014
An option or software update would be nice. With this the user can choose what device he want to use.
Brian P 10/18/2013
I love my new Ford truck. I love everything about it except Sync. I won't use it anymore. The navigation (or lack of access to) is not up to par. Unfortunately I have a Garmin attached to the windshield. I don't use voice commands because of the amount of times it doesn't work. Apple Ios is the answer. Please.
Mag 07/10/2013
Moving from Microsoft to iOS for the infotainment system probably would give Ford the opportunity to focus on one or two IOS SW versions; ie 6.x or 7.x, as opposed to too many Andriod versions. It also would mean we would see many more current updates than what has occurred in the past. I vote for IOS!
Brad B 07/08/2013
I agree but unfortunately Ford is tied to SYNC which is Microsoft driven. Apple iOS7 in the car will be hugely successful in pretty much every other car maker before Ford will ever jump ship.
I think this would be a great idea. I have had an iPhone since the 3Gs came out and I love it. But the current MyFordTouch only supports it as a phone, it doesn't support any of the apps, not even reading text messages to you and allowing you to say your reply. I have heard that Android phones linked to Ford cars can do that.
Kristian H 06/28/2013
I'm talking about IOS in the Car, Apple's new in car interface. They've already got a large selection of manufacturers on board including: Honda, Acura, Volvo, Chevy, Ferrari, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan....Google it for the rest of the list. It would be a bad move if the only thing keeping people from buying a Ford is that they don't offer a similar (or better) in car interface.
Kevin K 06/19/2013
iOS is proprietary and owned by Apple. Android on the other hand is a possibility.