Interchangeable Mobile Device Docks

By Tim K.

My idea is to include a Dock Receiver near the dash or center console of all Ford vehicles that will accept an Interchangeable Dock for customers mobile devices.

The Dock Receiver would be universal for all Ford vehicals and would accept Ford Mobile Docks for all popular mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The Doc Receiver would have a built in link (via USB) to the factory radio.

The Ford Mobile Dock would be made and sold by Ford as an accessory for $20-$40. Ford would be able to affordably develop new docks as mobile devices are released.

For me as a customer, I would be able to use the GPS, internet radio, or phone etc. features of my mobile device as easily and safely as I could use a touch screen on a factory radio.

It's just not possible for factory hardware to keep up with mobile technology, from processing power to screen resolution. Software updates on non competitive hardware is a valid attempt but I as a customer am looking for more.