I see lots of issues with the spark plug treads in our 4.6 and 5.4 . I wish we could put steel inserts in the spark plug holes and better sealing spark plug boots to keep water out of the plug holes to stop the plugs from freezing in the threads a little anti-seize from the factory might help out at tune up time
Samuel Williams 01/26/2012
I change my plugs 3 times a year cause I love my F-150 I do not have problems 36,000 was the only problem I had no seize on the plugs from the factory . I changed them at 72,000 with anti-seize no problem my next change is at 108 ,000. I am saying I change plugs for other Ford owners who were told the first tune up is at 100,000 miles where I see frozen plugs in the plug holes plugs rusted off plugs no landing for the plug socket using penetration oils and easy outs I win some the I loose some. I do some vehicles with problems for free to keep my fellow Ford owners happy so we can have repeat buyers.
art hansen 01/19/2012
I believe there is anti size on the plugs from the factory. Dont run the plugs for the 100,000 miles as carbon builds up on the threads on the end of the plug. When you take them out the carbon takes the threads with it. Solution chang you're plugs once a year. After all they are only $2.50 each