By Jim D.

Just got the new Ford 2012 Focus.It is a great car and there are just a few things that I feel would really make this a special vehicle. First the parking brake handle needs to be moved back. The handle interfers with the drives knee and is uncomfortable while driving long distance. The Gas abd Brake pedals should be shifted right about 1 to 2 inches. Also the Steering Wheel needs to have more lenght and tilt angle. As a 6'3" person I need the seat back all the way and the Sterring wheel is just out of a comfortable reach. I may suggest that a redesign of the center console would help with the crowding feel giving more leg room. The center arm rest car interfer with the cup may be nice if it could be movable. In the back seat it would be nice to have roof hand grabs to help people out of the car. You have one in the passengers side only I suggest 4 for each seat. In the future I think additional opition like adaptive headlights, electric adjustable passenger seats, possible heat and air seats, panaroma moon roof. Would make nice buyer opitions.

I have nothing but great compliments on the cars looks and am very happy. Just food for thought