Infotainment Upgrade Path

By Mark S.

I chose Ford because I respect the company, the brand and choosing to be fiscally responsible. I love my Ford Taurus SHO. It's an amazing car to drive, an absolute testament to your engineering capability. 

The current SYNC Infotainment system offered across the Ford line is not representative of the Ford Brand quality I paid for with the purchase of my vehicle. It is, in fact, the most hated aspect of my vehicle. What started out as a potential asset has, over time, eroded any support or fondness I have for this aspect of my Ford product. 

Most Ford customers, myself included, are making a significant investment when purchasing a vehicle. It is not a purchase made lightly, nor one for the short term. Cars & Trucks are not a disposable commodity like the annual or bi-annual smartphone, tablet and computer market. 

The Automobile paradigm and Technology paradigm you wish to incorporate are at odds. Your customers need open based solutions that work with today's technology. Third party after market upgrades are all that gone, they have been squeezed out over the years by proprietary and complex systems like Ford's SYNC.

Ford, please strongly consider offering your customers dealer installed upgrade paths for vehicle infotainment systems. It will retain your customers, create good will and keep your vehicle offerings current with the times, long after their purchase. I for one would happy invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually to keep my infotainment system (and stereo) current with today's technology trends. 

Laronvas 11/03/2014
I recently purchased a 2014 Escape Titanium and was upset to find out it had Sirius 1.0 and not the more modern 2.0 that has been around for about 3 years now. I installed a custom head unit and tuner in my old Ford and enjoyed the additional channels and features of 2.0 and now I took a step back and lost a few beloved features and a channel. Even something as simple as the ability to upgrade the Satelite tuner myself or via a dealer would be a welcome option.