Infotainment 2.0

By Bill N.

Cars are on the road for a very long time. By the time your typical car's life is over, the infotainment system will be generations behind. My suggestion is don't even try.  Instead, automakers should standardize on an interface. The screen (or a sizable section of the screen) is an input and output device for my phone. Software on the phone is my infotainment system. When I replace my phone in two years, I'm effectively replacing my infotainment system. Add to that by having the car additionally supplement the phone. The gps in the car is significantly better than those in current phones, feed the signal back to the phone. Let the car provide the cellular antenna to the phone, for significantly better reception.  To repeat one part of my suggestion, standardize. Don't tie into Apple, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry, or anyone else. The amount of resulting innovation will surprise everyone.