Information screen

Here's my $.02 about the information screen between the tach and the speedometer on my 2013 Ti.

The bottom row displays the gear selection, compass heading, outside temp, and odometer. It is in low light, and I love it. Cruise control info on top is also great.

However, for the large, bright main portion of the screen, I have a number of choices, none of which are very important to me. I mean, the trip odometers and timers, the gas mileage info and the MyKey info may be important *sometimes*, but not important enough to be the brightest and centermost thing in my line of sight. Likewise the car image that I suppose will tell me if there is a problem with my car. Just don't need to see that all the time.

I would love it if Ford would add some other options for the main portion of the screen. One option would be to turn it off completely, except for emergency information. That would be "easy on the eyes" for long drives.

Another option might be to display the current speed and the current speed limit side-by-side. Maybe current speed would turn red if it exceeds the speed limit, or flash when it is 10 mph over the speed limit. Right now, the speed limit is only displayed on the map screen, and it is very small and hard to read. That's a pretty important piece of information that I wouldn't mind having front and center.
Christopher S 10/28/2013
I agree the information screen between the tach and the speedometer on my 2013 Titanium Escape is not utilized as well as it could be. I would love for the speed limit to show in that area - I was surprised it didn’t. In addition, I think the speedometer should indicate the speed by lighting up the corresponding speed with a different color.