Include AppLink with MyFord Touch

By Jeff T.

I am looking at the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi and would like it with the MyFord Touch. I was upset to hear that that would not include AppLink. Please add AppLink to MyFord Touch.
James W 10/22/2014
When Ford announces AppLink will come to the MyFord Touch, I will sell my current vehicle and buy the Ford model I've been eyeing for some time.
Ken W 08/04/2014
Yes, of course you buy the more expensive package thinking it could do everything the less expensive option could do. That makes sense.. Only Ford
Robert C 07/29/2014
It's such a waste that we can't do more with that big 8" screen. I just can't see how buying an upgrade means you get left behind.
Dustin S 06/19/2014
Just bought a 2014 escape titanium with MyFord Touch. What a disappointment to learn my brand new expensive ride can't do apps. This is only available on lower sync only trims. This is an embarrassment to Ford that this is still not out on fords premier infotainment system. Chevy has tons of apps on their AppShop. Get it together!
Don L 06/14/2014
I use Pandora every day. My new 2015 mustang has Applink on the basic sync model, but I upgraded to the Premium package only to find out that now I don't have this important feature. Please add that capability so I don't get into a wreck operating my phone while driving.
Neil C 05/14/2014
Just lots of money to buy a Focus ST with MyFord Touch and to find out I'm unable to change stations on Pandora is a real shame. Now I need to unlock my phone while driving and do it on my phone which is somewhat unsafe compared to using the voice commands that I would have if I paid much less for a lower model car. This is unbeliveable.
Matthew C 04/21/2014
Yes, very bogus, it is not available on my 2013 Ford Escape, seems as if an update or patch would allow for this function? Maybe an updgrade that cost a few $$?
Jeff H 04/20/2014
Just bought a brand new 2014 Fusion, fully loaded, was researching where to enable AppLink, but to my dismay, couldn't believe My Ford Touch does not include AppLink.  The technology needs to be differentiating for Ford, not half-baked.  Please include an update for mft to allow for AppLink to work. 
David L 03/26/2014
I was convinced to purchase my brand new 2013 Ford flex (sel) in large part due to the promise of Ford's appLink feature. Imagine my dismay to find that the MyFord Touch does not include the applink feature. Please update Myford touch to include the applink features, thank you in advance.
Tom E 03/10/2014
I was trying to use the Sync Destinations app on Android with my wife's Fusion Hybrid Titanium.

I tried to send an address to her car... what? I made sure she had the highest-end head unit and it does not include Applink?

I am very disappointed and look like a fool for insisting on this Microsoft/Ford/Sony product.
Andrew K 03/10/2014
I really can't believe Applink hasn't been added to myford/mylincoln touch. This is the worst. Applink is arguably the best feature and it's somehow absent on the high end package and present on the low end package. Fantastic. Never regretted a purchase so much as I've regretted our 2013 Ford Focus.
Timothy C 03/08/2014
I am also very disappointed that there is no Applink for mft. It would make it the best of the systems if it were there (that, and fixing some of the irritating bugs). The dealer basically said it would be here "soon," which sounds like they don't even understand that there is a secret contract with Sirius. I hope we aren't kept out forever here...
ChuckT 02/18/2014
Ford you are loosing customers because you refuse to update us my ford touch owners with AppLink! The least you could do is tell us you are working on a solution and give us a target date.
Ron B 02/07/2014
I don't care what kind of deal Ford has with Sirius XM. Ford has lost me as a potential future customer if it doesn't make AppLink available with MFT soon. Ford really dropped the ball with this one. Considering all of the competition out there, hopefully enough people feel the same way to cut into Ford's sales and profits for it to finally wake up.
Charlie H 02/05/2014
The odd thing is how obsolete MyFord Touch and sync Applink seem compared to the current crop of Android phones. A smarter approach would have been to implement something like MirrorLink to maximize the use of smartphone apps in the Infotainment system. Using the voice button to ask Google, "Navigate to the nearest gas station" is far more convenient and faster than Ford's sync/MyFord Touch system.
Dennis Carmody 02/02/2014
Also highly disappointed my high end MyFord Touch radio lacks Applink, which is available on much cheaper platforms. Please add support for 2013/4 Fusion Titanium customers in an update.
Charlie H 01/04/2014
I don't like how My Ford Touch is locked into the obsolete Sirius XM service. AppLink is the future, and other competing automakers obviously see this as well. Hopefully Ford allows the use of AppLink in future releases of My Ford Touch.
Jeff K 01/03/2014
I have a 2013 Focus with myford touch. Ford please make this right! It should have came with applink.
Paul 11/02/2013
Very very disappointed in Ford. I went from a 2012 Fusion Hybrid with Applink and lost it with a much more expensive 2014 Escape with MFT.
Come on Ford, make believe you care about your customers.
Mike R 09/01/2013
Apparently it's to keep their deeal with Sirius XM with comes with mist high-end Fords. With Apps that deal would be muddled.  Who'd need Siruis when you have Pandora and Slacker.
Enough already Ford. Give us Applink now!
E A 08/21/2013
A timeline even in its basic form would be great "Ford Social Moderator". The applink for Mft is like waiting for a movie sequel to come out. Would love to hear "Coming Winter of 2013!". I like my 2103 Ford Escape. Maybe with the missing puzzle piece I will love it.
Jerry 08/19/2013
I completely agree with the rest here. It's almost a crime that the uplevel system loses out on one of the most important features for modern cars. Enable Applink on our MyFord Touch equipped vehicles, Ford! 
Don Morris 08/15/2013
Just purchased a new C-Max Energi. Very disappointing that App Link is not available in a $34,000 vehicle.I would think that a simple software update would solve this problem. Somebody fix it now.
Tim W 08/11/2013
I have to say this is a real oversight on Ford's part. It's really unacceptable for Ford to include the higher end MyFord Touch system without one of the key Sync features like AppLink. Ford is developing, in my opinion, the best cars it's developed for years and yet the MyFord Touch software is a complete eyesore. Not when you compare it to other automakers, but definitely when you look at the state of design and usability in the technology industry right now. Ford you need to step up your software development game.
Ryan S 08/06/2013
Assuming this "Ford Social Moderation" user is legit, that is a rather disappointing and extremely frustrating answer. I hope the user is real, and passes this along to someone that might feel motivated to do something: supporting "basic" systems and older models is a complete slap in the face to your customers who bought new models with the expensive upgrades. MyFordTouch was a huge selling point for me in purchasing my 2013 Fusion Titanium, I thought it was a fantastic integration of enternaintment and navigation. I still enjoy using it every time I drive, but it was a big shock to find that AppLink wasn't supported. There is so much potential here - a huge touchscreen interface is perfect for mobile apps, why do you think iPads are just as popular as iPhones? And how did Ford feel not being on that banner at the iOS7 announcement? Technology moves forward, and very quickly at that. I think it's a mistake to continue focusing on older implementations...everyone else is going to pass you by while you're still making it work on a 4 line display in a 5 year old car.
Rick H 07/28/2013
I am even more upset now that I find out you can get AppLink on a Taiwanese version of the Escape with Sync and MyFord Touch - what a ripoff to disregard your home market in the United States
Shaun W 07/27/2013
Yeah, dealer just told me the Focus ST has Applink. Spent hours researching only to find out that its not available on the My Ford Touch system. What a crock
Ford Social Moderation 07/25/2013
Hi Russell B!
Unfortunately, Applink is not available yet on vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch. Our priority is on completing the roll-out of AppLink across the basic SYNC system, including making it available for older model vehicles in addition to a global roll out.

Ford Social Moderation Team
Ford Social Moderator 07/25/2013
Hi Jamal!
Unfortunately, the product sheet was incorrect. We do not offer MyFord Touch and Applink together on the same vehicle. They are offered separately but not in conjunction with one another.
Ford Social Moderation Team
Jim D 07/20/2013
I just got a new 2013 Fusion energi titanium - loaded.  It doesn't have applink because it has MyFord Touch.  Really?  I spent a lot of money for the "best" Ford I could get, and I'm really disappointed. 
Dan H 07/14/2013
2013 Taurus limited.  Come on Ford 30k car and no applink!  But it is on other models.
Roy C 07/05/2013
After driving my F-150 STX for a year I got very used to streaming Pandora through the radio. I was excited when I purchased my new 2013 Taurus SEL until I Sync'd my phone and realized that the "mobile apps" command wasn't available... The Taurus is way more luxurious than the F150 but I miss out on one of the features I used most.
Ben 07/03/2013
How backwards to update basic technology and older models ahead of your latest technology. Having customers pay more for a product lacking the services available in your basic product clearly shows you are prioritizing internal agendas ahead of your customers.
Jeremy M 07/02/2013
I, too, am a new Escape owner frustrated by the lack of applink. How can you omit your most cutting-edge feature from your most cutting-edge technology package?

I'd even pay for an update to get this to work.
Clayton Y 06/19/2013
I just bought a 2013 Ford Taurus with MyFordTouch. I feel a bit jipped that AppLink was not included, as I was expecting it after driving a lower end Fusion. Since when did it make sense to remove features with upgrades? Glad to see Ford responded, although it was not a promising answer.
Kevin K 06/19/2013
I don't know what the limitation is to not have AppLink on vehicles equipped with My Ford Touch. Its a real mistake on Ford's part as MFT really brings in the customers a shame that they can't leap ahead of the competition with App Link.
Neod192 06/14/2013
Ford, by now you shouldn't be "exploring" the idea. This should already be in the works, developed and tested. When will this be rolled out?
Jamal 06/07/2013
The 2014 Ford Escape product sheet states: "SYNC® with MyFord Touch® now available with AppLink" can you provide guidance if this will be included in job 1 and also when can other MFT equipped vehicles expect an update to include this functionality through sync my ride? Thank you.
Andrew Falzon 06/05/2013
Dear Ford - Make like Nike and JUST DO IT!!!!
Ford Social 05/31/2013
With over 5 million SYNC-equipped vehicles sold, Ford is working to complete the roll-out of AppLink across all basic SYNC systems, including making it available for older model vehicles. However, we are exploring the possibility of bringing Applink to MyFord Touch in the future. Stay tuned!
Mark F 05/18/2013
how can we hear fords comments about adding applink to my ford touch ?
does ford care about our opinion ??
Russell B 05/13/2013
Just bought a 2013 Fusion SE with MyFord Touch, only to be disappointed to discover that AppLink is not included with MyFord Touch. Like others, I spent hours trying to figure out how to get this to work, only to discover that it's not a feature that we get. This is at least something I should've been made aware of. The website seems to try and hide this fact, in my opinion. Please roll this out soon!
Kevin W 05/11/2013
Applink for MFT in next release?
sashi 05/10/2013
PLEASE --- Applink on FORD Escape...
Aaron J 05/08/2013
Agreed, I'm a software developer and want to develop apps for applink. I can't because my fully loaded Ford Taurus SHO doesn't have AppLink. Hell I'd even take an honest response about the technical challenge why they cant update it, this silence is very frustrating
Kevin M 04/27/2013
I'm in the market for a new car, and I like some of the options that come with MyFord Touch on the Fusion. However, they also come on the Honda Accord. Applink was the bonus, however after finding out that it's not available on the Touch... I'm looking a lot harder at the Accord.
Scott T 04/23/2013
I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited, in all the commercials they touted having Applink. I go to buy it and nope, no Applink. I won't say I was tricked, because I should've asked more questions, but I would appreciate having Applink. It seems that Ford, refuses to put it in cars with MyFord Touch. I am really disappointed, I supported Ford during the bailout times, it's a shame Ford won't support us when we request this feature be added.
Stu R 04/16/2013
Unbelievable. I just spent about three hours trying to figure out why I could not use Pandora, MLB, and other aps with AppLink. I though something was broke. $40K for a Fusion Energi Titanium and the Kia I rented in Mexico had a better connection to my phone. I love this car but C'mon Ford!
Ted 04/06/2013
"This discussion is missing your voice"
Of course it is because nobody at Ford is listening!
Glenn 04/05/2013
Awful that My Ford Touch is not available with App Link! AWFUL! Simple software update folks, get it done. My 2013 Escape is missing this feature, and it is unacceptable.
Tavon B 04/05/2013
Spotify can now be used through AppLink. I use that music service and it would be great if Ford updated MyFord Touch with this capability so I don't have to take my eyes off the road to skip a song.
Gary W 04/03/2013
Penalizing customers for purchasing premium options?! Yeah, that's gonna make me want to subscribe to SiriusXM. What a cheap, transparent ploy, Ford…shame on you for treating your customers with such contempt.
Joe O 04/03/2013
It's completely ridiculous that we pay for high end ford and Lincoln vehicles and they do not support AppLink. Totally ridiculous.
Mark Brak 04/03/2013
I have a 2012 Focus with MFT and would really benefit from applink. This was a feature that was originally supposed to be included from my understanding. Having applink would make driving much safer for me.
Kenneth B 04/02/2013
2013 Focus ST with MFT but no applink. :( Come on Ford.
Dave S 03/31/2013
A roadmap or statement would be nice, and I agree with the others that it seems that paying more gets you less with the current lineup. Why can a fiesta interface with pandora but an edge that costs three times as much cannot?
Kris K 03/22/2013
Bought a 2013 Edge limited with MFT... no appLink. With all the tech involved in MFT I would think this would be a no brainer... Lets get it together Ford!
Michael 03/22/2013
Grr, me too... I buy the top of the line Sync w/ MFT on my C-Max Hybrid SEL and it doesn't support AppLink. Not cool.
Come one Ford you purchase a top of the line Fusion Energi to find its not top of the line no Applink!!!
SCCM_Expert 03/17/2013
What I find very interesting here is that no one from Ford has made a comment on this subject. The silence is deafening. The Ford C-Max that I bought in December has had one issue that finally got resolved after 3 months. Ok, it's a new vehicle with new technology, I get that. I've been an IT Engineer for 20 years now. Having said that, it's the first domestic car I have bought in over 30 years and I bought it for the technology and the fuel mileage. But not having applink available, and the fact that the iPhone (iOS 6, which includes MAP for texting) does not work, is more than disappointing. It appears that the next car I'll be going back to the German manufactures. Can you say Audi?
Del S 03/10/2013
To buy a top of the line Energi Titanium with all of the options, I would expect to have all the options, including Applink!
Jon T 02/25/2013
Frustrating to read news and buzz about AppLink and Spotify and new developers coming onboard daily and not be able to implement the new tech in my 2012 Focus Titanium. C'mon. AppLink doesn't work with MyFord Touch?
Kate A 02/18/2013
I cannot believe that my new 2013 Escape Titanium does not come with AppLink. How can Ford possibly think this is good business??? Pay more for less features? Seriously regretting not buying a RAV4 now.
Johnny 02/17/2013
I just also found out on this site why Applink does not work on my Ford Fusion Titanium 2013. Really mind blowing. Why would Ford do something like this?
Ty S 02/17/2013
Extremely disappointing upgrade to pay so much and not get the best feature by far. I hope they add it as an update in the near future. I almost took my Focus back once I discovered this.
Jim A 02/12/2013
I just made the same sad discovery with my new Ford Escape. Why applink isn't included? I wish I knew. Why Ford doesn't allow for a post-purchase of the navigation software? I wish I knew.
Kevin K 02/07/2013
Just picked up my Ford Fusion Hybrid with MFT... Press the Sync button and say "Mobile applications" like it says to in the owners manual... "command not recognized"... That's odd, I think to myself. Get online, and come to find out that MFT doesn't support App Link?! Are you kidding me? The highly advertised and cornerstone of why I chose Ford and Sync in the first places ISN'T supported by the MORE expensive option......?! WHAT?

I'm PRAYING for an update that adds it. Please just at least let us know it's in the works!!!!!!!!!
Nick S 02/01/2013
Uhh, Im confused... Did i not pay more for MyFordTouch? Why am i getting less of the advanced features while paying more?
Manny R 01/28/2013
MY comment about how disgusted I was when I had just come home with my new F150 the other night and went online to look for instructions how to use APPLINK just to find out that it's only supported on the lower end SYNC devices , somehow didn't make it here. Lets see if this makes it. This is my 5th Ford Truck and I am very disappointed in Ford's lack of loyalty to those willing to pay for a "better" truck. What a slap in the face! It was one of the incentives for me to upgrade only to find out all their hype about Applink was COMPLETELY misleading.
Robert B 01/28/2013
Add my voice to the need for applink on My Ford Touch. Funny that at CES you would announce the developer plan to build apps that use AppLink, but the people that would use it most (those with My Ford Touch), don't get it!!!! Why did we pay extra to get the functionality of My Ford Touch, when lower end vehicles get more usability??!?!?!
Alan 01/28/2013
It is ridiculous that My Ford Touch doesn't have applink. I was very happy with my 2013 Fusion and would have highly recommended, still think a good car, but this is ridiculous that Titanium model is missing something like this.
Greg 01/27/2013
just another ford disappointment.
Michael B 01/26/2013
Yes, Please Ford, DO NOT insult your buyers of the MFT systems with NO SUPPORT for Applink!
Carol 01/25/2013
I totally agree. I just bought a 2013 Fusion Titanium because of the technology! The salesman didn't even know that Applink was not supported by MFT. I discovered the hard way by researching why I couldn't make it work. I am a bit ticked over that. Like someone here said, if Ford would just make an announcement that it was coming for sure, I'd feel alot better. It would also be nice if they'd explain WHY the high end cars wiht Touch don't have it.
Thomas S 01/20/2013
Just bought a 2013 Fusion Titanium with MyFord Touch. Thought I was getting AppLink. Then I checked the owners manual and that is when I found... l "Note: The AppLink feature is not available if your vehicle is equipped with the MyFord Touch®". Add my voice to those who say to Ford... Fool me once... You ignore what your customers are saying at your own peril.
Matthew J 01/17/2013
I'm a software developer at a large corporation, evaluating in-vehicle infotainment systems and determining if we should invest our development efforts there. We looked at Ford's AppLink technology first, and it's definitely the most mature connectivity strategy around. However, the fact that the most heavily upgraded Ford vehicles, bought by the savviest tech users, are excluded from AppLink has caused us some serious disappointment. We're currently prioritizing other auto manufacturers over Ford because of this lack of foresight on Ford's part.
Q M 01/17/2013
As the CEO of a mobile software company, one of the top reasons for choosing my next vehicle is technology. Ford's Sync system is simply leaps and bounds ahead of competitors. However, when I discovered that the otherwise jaw-droppingly fantastic MyFord Touch system didn't include the AppLink technology, I am now questioning whether or not the Edge is the right vehicle for us.

App connectivity is a huge issue for me, and it seems many, many others. Since I'm responsible for making apps for a myriad of devices, I understand the difficulties in adding new functionality into an existing system/hardware set-up. That being said, with two companies the size of Ford and Microsoft - this should already be done by now.

Ford would do well to at least come forth and make the announcement, "If you buy a MyFord Touch system, you will get an update that will enable AppLink. The date is to TBD."
Fred L 01/16/2013
Seems a little ridiculous these apps are available on $20K Fords, yet my $50K Explorer does not offer this? My friend's Hyundai has this available!
Jason H 01/14/2013
Ford really messed this one up, and it's very disappointing, as studies show that new car shoppers are looking at technology as driving force to new vehicle purchases. Without this feature more people are going to look elsewhere Ford. While I am impressed with my 2013 Fusion Titanium, as a top of the line trim package, I should be able to enjoy the same features that are on lesser priced models. Ford is pushing Applink and getting developers to work with, now Ford push to get it out to all of us MFT owners!!! Just seems like commen sense to me...
Robin W 01/13/2013
Just about to buy a new Ford C-Max and the fact that Applink is not available on the upgraded MFT package makes it an easy decision to not upgrade. Sorry Ford!
Shaun 01/13/2013
Just bought a 2013 Escape with MyFordTouch. Extremely disappointed that it is not applink capable after hearing such great things about it.
Nicholas B 01/12/2013
Why would this not be included with MFT? I spent days trying to get this to work and just found out from this site. I paid a premium for MFT and expected it to have at least the same functionally as the regular sun system!
Jarred F 01/11/2013
I just bought the 2013 Escape SEL. Technology was one of the big reasons I went with Ford and MFT. I was so dissapointed after spending a week trying to get my apps to sync, that I had to call Sync support to be told AppLink isn't on my car. What is the "install apps" button for? Very misleading.

Ford, please add this functionality soon. At the very least, communicate if it is even in the works and/or projected availiblity.
Jerry W 01/10/2013
Definitely want this. The ability to access my own streaming services through my phone was one of the advantages I expected when I bought my 2013 Escape.
Ryan S 01/10/2013
Months later and still no sign of an ETA or even any updates about it. Ford is making a HUGE mistake if they don't get AppLink out for MFT within the next month, especially after making a huge display about it at CES. How can you advertise your cars as having the best integration with technology, and yet your most technologically advanced entertainment system doesn't support AppLink? I can understand it will take longer to develop the framework for the different UI, but even 6 months of delaying a product can kill its chances of ever taking off.
Jason B 01/09/2013
I have a 2012 Focus with my ford touch and want applink!
Randall B 01/08/2013
I agree this is a must. I just purchased a 2013 fusion with myford touch and am extremely disappointed that it does not have applink. My f150 with the base sync version does and I was expecting that and more from an upgraded technology package that costs 1k extra. It would be easy for ford to add this with a software update and it should be done promptly. There are multiple paid apps on my android phone that I expected to be able to use like I do in my truck. Very disappointed by this. If there is a ford representative that reads these and can reply what was the reasoning behind not including it?
Amy S 01/08/2013
I have a 2013 Fusion ordered that should arrive next week. One of the things that drew me to the Fusion was all of the technology built into the car. With all of the apps announced at CES for AppLink, it would be great to be able to take advantage of those in my new Fusion. Please add AppLink!
Jeff T 01/08/2013
I hope this can be done soon. A lot of nice things are happening to AppLink, I hate missing out.
Rick K 01/08/2013
i will add my voice to the chorus. ADD APPLINK TO MYFORDTOUCH! When I buy a Titanium with nav, i expect it to have ALL the bells and whistles.
thomas t 01/04/2013
MFT should have app link
William L 01/03/2013
Wholeheartedly agree. Just about every other car I looked at before settling on the Escape had some kind of great integration with Pandora. I, too, went with the Technology package thinking this would be a no-brainer.
Doug S 01/02/2013
Since I didn't ask the question, and I didn't know what question to ask my sales person, I had the impression that MFT included in the technology package would include the features that the basic SYNC models would have. Please add AppLink to MFT. It is a feature that I think that enhances the infotainment experience.
R Mandrin 12/29/2012
Rpm- I leased the 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium because of my expectation it would have the latest technology. I am extremely dissapointed that applink is not available with MyFord Touch on this model. It's incredulous to me that it isn't avialable on the latest selling model, with the latest version of Ford's in car communication and entertainment system. Ford needs to do their loyal customers right by sending out an update as soon as possible.
Eric A 12/27/2012
What is the technical reason for AppLink not being on MFT? Is it Sony's fault? Microsoft? Is it in the works?
Greg S 12/17/2012
Same with the 2013 Escape. Loaded with great features and love it, but left wondering why Applink and Pandora capabilities were left off??
Doug 12/06/2012
Ford please make your best cars really the best you can buy. Add Applink to MFT!!!
Dan S 12/01/2012
I find it amazing how ford has been advertizing this great feature, yet can seem to make it work with MFT.
Todd H 11/30/2012
Agreed, was HIGHLY dissapointed when I tried to bring up Mobile Apps, like I did in my F150, only to find, they dont exist in MyFord Touch! I got used to using Pandora on the screen, and now back to having to use the phone, while driving, to thumb a song.
Roger H 11/29/2012
It looks like it is not included in the 3.5 update. Ford had better have it in the works or plenty of us who bought vehicles expecting it to be added on will not trust Ford with their next vehicle purchase.