Improve the Navigation System

The factory nav. system takes entirely too long to boot up. Please improve the speed and responsiveness of this system. I can program a favorite location on my $120 Garmin in less than 20 seconds from boot up to route identified; Ford's system should work the same. If the problem lies with the Ford system computing 3 routes that slows it down, give users a choice to limit this feature to just one route till underway. Also, if there is someone in the passenger seat, they should be allowed to type addresses while underway. You could key this feature to the airbag sensor. This feature would actually make driving safer by taking some burden off the driver.
Ellen H 07/16/2012
I find Garmin a wonderful product. Other Auto OEM's are using this Garmin in there vehicles. An upgrade to this product would be wonderful. I use the Sirus Weather overlay. The navigation system/maps fail and the weather overlay no longer works. Ford has been aware of the issue since last November and the issue still exists. I use Sirus Travel link on my Garmin Product with no issues.
Vince 12/20/2011
I agree, the nav system in my SHO is kinda disappointing. I still don't understand why the passenger can't key in a destination while the car is in motion, makes no sense.