improve My Ford Touch

By Matt G.

My Ford Touch is a great addition to any vehicle; however, its software could use a makeover. I find it too difficult to edit the names of things such as connected phones as well as the address book. Nearly everything displayed should be able to be edited with a click. It should also resemble a smart phone more than it currently does. I think closed source applications including Pandora, I heart radio, and even youtube should be standard applications. It should resemble a more limited version of the android OS. (or even sync to display what the smart phone does, allowing control from my ford touch). This would allow use of internet from the phone without needing an additional data plan. This may require some collaboration with other providers than microsoft, but it would help catapult for as a leader in technology. I believe current my ford touches could be updated to allow this.
I write this because I read motortrend, car and driver, and consumer reports. All of which have bashed the my ford touch system.
New version is coming!